Memory Lane Imports – Sourcing and Shipping Classic Vehicles from around the World

We are a small personal company dedicated to importing and selling all types of veteran, vintage and classic vehicles into the UK from around the world. All our staff have a good working knowledge of the classic car trade gathered over many years. We have an intimate understanding of packing and shipping of all types of vehicles worldwide. All our stock changes on a day by day basis, especially our classic cars and motorcycles. If what you want is not available to-day, it could be tomorrow.

Our services include:

Packing and shipping of any vehicle, from or to any destination throughout the world.
Sourcing and shipping car parts for any vehicle, whether common or rare
A Personalised Service
A Search and Find service to find you the vehicle you want
UK Registering all vehicles including Tax and MOT (where applicable) For a special or much loved vehicle this can be on a personal one to one basis.

All Vehicles are stored in Canterbury, Kent.

Our search and find service is available for any vehicle from classic cars and motorcycles to tractors and steam traction engines. We also maintain, a steady stream of unusual rare classic cars together with a range of other vehicles.   Of course our vehicles can be used every day, most saving on insurance and road tax.

Contact us today to find your perfect vehicle.